7 Free Git Resources For Beginners

March 08, 2023 • Urvashi • 2 min read

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Git is a popular version control system used by developers worldwide. If you're new to Git, you can check out this blog post for an introduction to Git & Github.

In this blog post, I have created a list of top free resources available on the web to help you learn Git.

Official Git Documentation

The official Git documentation is an excellent resource for anyone learning Git. It's comprehensive, well-organized, and easy to navigate. The documentation includes everything you need to know about Git, including how to install Git, basic Git commands, and more advanced topics such as branching and merging.

GitKraken Git Guide

GitKraken is a popular Git GUI client, and they have an extensive Git guide available for free on their website. The guide is easy to read and provides a comprehensive overview of Git, including how to get started with Git, Git workflows, and Git best practices.


Codecademy has an interactive course to learn Git and GitHub for free. You can even get a certificate if you pay for their subscription.

Atlassian Git Tutorials

Atlassian offers a series of Git tutorials on their website. The tutorials are easy to follow and cover a range of Git topics, from basic Git commands to advanced Git workflows. The tutorials include both text and video content, making it easy to learn Git in the way that works best for you.

Pro Git book

The Pro Git book is a comprehensive guide to Git that is available online for free. It covers everything from the basics to advanced topics like rebasing and stashing. The book is well-written and easy to read, making it an excellent resource for beginners.


Git-it is an interactive tutorial that you can download and run on your computer. It teaches you Git through a series of challenges, making it a fun and engaging way to learn Git.

Learn Git Branching

Learn Git Branching is an interesting and interactive way to learn git on the web! It includes several level based challenges that visual different git concepts and help you learn git while you never get bored.

Learning Git is essential for anyone looking to work in software development. The resources listed above are all free and offer a range of options for learning Git, including interactive tutorials, written content, and video courses. Whether you're a complete beginner or looking to expand your knowledge, these resources are an excellent place to start.

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