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January 26, 2021 • Urvashi • 2 min read

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I recently saw this video by Lenks where she shared her goals setting process. I was inspired by it to use a similar system to set my own goals for 2021. Keep on reading to find out how I plan to achieve more in 2021!

Notion and Kanban Boards

I use Notion for basically anything and everything - from shopping lists to expense tracking and as well as travel planning. Naturally, the best place for me to set and track my goals was Notion.

Confession: I love Kanban Boards.

A kanban board is a visual way to manage tasks and workflows, which utilizes an analog or digital board with columns and cards.

They look something like this in Notion-

![Kanban Board](/assets/Screenshot 2021-01-27 at 5.51.59 PM.png)

Setting Yearly Goals

I first wrote down everything I wanted to do and achieve in 2021. At this point in time, I was just brainstorming.

Next, I started filtering and reviewing these ideas into more concrete goals. I reflected if I had taken too much or too little and edit accordingly. After finalizing the list of things I wanted to do, it was time to transform these into measurable goals.

What do I mean by measurable goals?

For example, one of my goals is to continue my habit of reading. Last year I was able to finish my goal of 20 books. This year, I set my reading goal to 24 books which automatically becomes more measurable than just "reading more".

I have also taken the Goodreads reading challenge since I feel like tracking my progress at multiple places (especially publically) makes me more accountable. Similarly, I maintain a thread on Twitter where I document my progress while learning the Korean language.

Setting Quarterly Goals

Setting quarterly goals reminded me of setting my OKRs at my job. If I am following this system at my workplace, why not bring it to my personal life as well?

For setting my quarterly goals, I divided my yearly goals equally into the different quarters. So, if I want to read 24 books in a year, it means I want to read 6 books every quarter. The point of dividing goals is to make tracking and reviewing the progress easier as well as to have multiple chances to reset if needed!

Everybody knows the power of deadlines - and we all hate them. But their effectiveness is undeniable.

- David Eagleman

Setting Monthly Goals: One month at a time

I didn't set goals for every month but rather for only the upcoming one. This is because I don't want to over plan since life happens and things change constantly and I don't want to end up with outdated goals that no longer interest or motivate me.

This way, I get time to review and reflect on the past month as well as pivot in the next month if I feel like.

Let's talk about Weekly Goals

Similarly, I only set goals for the upcoming week using the monthly goals as the basis. I don't finish all my goals every week or most weeks even. It's fine as long as I am making progress.

Small progress is still progress.

Daily Goals: Yes, No, Maybe?

I used to create daily goals but not anymore. Nowadays, I just follow up with my weekly goals that help me know the tasks for the day. But you can create yours if you wish to. I sometimes use the Momentum Chrome extension for a quick-to-access to-do list on days where I have a lot to do.

Free Notion Template

I have created a Notion template for you to set your own goals! Check it out using this link.

Notion Template Preview

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