8 Tips to Use LinkedIn Effectively

January 17, 2023 • Deeya Sethi • 4 min read

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If you want to work in tech and don't have a LinkedIn profile yet, you're missing out on so much it has to offer! LinkedIn is not just a job search portal but a professional network where you can make genuine professional connections, get jobs and referrals, build your own brand, stay up to date on latest news, technologies and opportunities, and much more.

Here are some tips to use LinkedIn effectively:

Get Your Resume Reviewed By Professionals

Having a professional review your resume can be a valuable investment in your career and can help you land your dream job.

Before submitting your resume to the actual job listing, have a professional in your field review it. They can provide valuable insights and suggestions for improvement that would otherwise be overlooked. Because they are professionals, they will not be swayed by personal biases or relationships and will be able to provide an unbiased assessment of your strengths and weaknesses.

Here's how you can utilise your LinkedIn connections for this, shortlist a couple of people whom you think will have the relevant experience for this role and send them a simple message, for example:

"Hi [name], I am a recent University graduate looking for a full-time Software Engineer position at your company. Since you are already working at [company name] and have gone through the interview process yourself, I'll be grateful if you could help me out with a resume review. I know that it's a huge ask and you must be busy, but I have attached my resume and would love your valuable feedback on how I can make it better! Once again, thank you for your time."

It's understandable if someone does not respond but it's worth a try.

Personalise Your Connection Requests

Before connecting with someone, review their profile to see if you already know them or if you can introduce yourself by mentioning a common event you attended or through another mutual connection. Prefer sending a personalised note with the connection request if you want to add an unknown to your network. This helps to break the ice and maximise your visibility among others.

Get Job Referrals

Connect with the right people. To have a backup in case, others are unable to assist, make sure you link with at least 3 or 4 people.

Mention your qualifications for the position you want to apply for, including your skills and experiences. If you have not received a prompt response, you must follow up and re-iterate your request.

Remember to be polite and respectful when asking for a referral. People are more likely to agree to help if they feel their time and efforts will be appreciated.

Optimise Your Profile

Keywords are used by LinkedIn's search algorithm to help it decide how relevant a profile is to a given search. By putting relevant keywords in your profile, you can enhance the likelihood that your profile will show up in search results. This may be beneficial if you want to stand out to potential employers or clients. By highlighting your relevant experiences and skills with relevant keywords, you may make it simpler for potential employers to find you. Industry-specific keywords might help you show that you are knowledgeable and skilled in your profession. If you're trying to break into a new industry or are applying for positions that demand specialised knowledge, this is extremely crucial.

Avail Free LinkedIn Premium For 6 Months

Visit Linkedin's official company page at https://www.linkedin.com/company/linkedin/. Then look for LinkedIn employees there. Your work is simplified if you are connected with a few full-time employees. Otherwise, send a personalizsed message to at least three or four people. Request a referral link for LinkedIn premium and explain how LinkedIn premium will benefit you and a little about yourself.

Stay Up To Date

To stay up to date on job openings and company news, follow companies you want to work for. To receive job postings and career advice updates, you can also follow specific LinkedIn accounts, such as LinkedIn Jobs or LinkedIn Talent Solutions. LinkedIn has a job search feature that lets you look for jobs based on location, industry, and other factors. You can also set up job alerts to receive notifications when new jobs that match your search criteria are posted. Join industry groups to stay up to date on industry news and trends and to network with other professionals. Follow thought leaders and industry influencers to stay up to date on news and trends in your field and to get networking ideas.

Use A Professional Profile Picture

Because your profile picture is often the first thing people see when they visit your LinkedIn profile, it's critical to make a good first impression. For a job search, choose a professional profile picture. This could be a headshot or a professional photograph of you. It is an important part of your personal brand. It can help you communicate your personality and the image you want to project to others. It is also useful for networking on LinkedIn. It helps people remember you and can help you stand out in a crowd of other profiles.

Customise Your URL

LinkedIn lets you change the URL of your profile. Choose URLs that are simple to remember and professional, like your name or a relevant keyword. A personalised URL can improve the appearance of your LinkedIn profile. It can assist you in maintaining a professional image across all of your online profiles. It is also easier to share and remember than a long, complicated URL. When networking or sharing your LinkedIn profile with others, this can be useful. Finally, a personalised URL with your name or relevant keywords can help your LinkedIn profile appear in search results. This can help you get noticed by potential employers.

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